Prenatal & Postpartum Support

prenatal postpartum support

Prenatal & Postpartum Support

Navigate through the unknowns of pregnancy and birth with a Certified Doula by your side. The continuous support of a doula will make you feel undeniably confident, informed, and safe for the arrival of your baby. As a certified doula, I am able to support birthing families in environments varying from homes to hospitals, medicated and unmedicated, VBACs and Cesareans.


Available 24/7

I am on call for you around the clock and more than happy to answer any questions. Despite how little or silly you may feel the questions may be. I encourage such questions as:

Without a doubt, having a Certified Doula on speed dial will help take out all the guesswork as well as put your mind at ease.


Your Personal Experienced Guide

As soon as the onset of your labor begins, also called “Early Labor”, I will guide you into laboring positions, allowing your body to rest. I will remind you of the comfort measures you learned in our prenatal meetings to ease with the pressure and tightness. I’ll be there reminding you to use the learned relaxation and breathing techniques to assist your birthing body to open and thin, rather than resist the constricting of your birthing muscles and keeping your cervix closed. This will increase your confidence level and make you feel safe laboring at home until you decide it's time to depart to the hospital. At any time if you feel you need extra support, I will join you and your partner in person, whether you are still at home or heading to the hospital.

My presence is to ensure you have evidenced-based information, to act as a guide in anticipating your needs, and to lend an extra pair of hands when needed. I do not take the role of your partner. Rather, I am here to help your partner feel confident and equipped in knowing how to attend to your birthing needs. These skills are gained from the time we spent together during our prenatal appointments and implemented during birth.

Contact The Happy Mama Place today with any questions, concerns, or to book an appointment!


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