Prenatal Massage

Welcome to our mom-to-be sanctuary of relaxation and wellness, where I specialize in providing safe, relaxing, and therapeutic prenatal massage services.

This remarkable journey brings about beautiful transformations in your body, both structurally, hormonally and emotionally. As your little one grows, you may notice changes like rounded shoulders, expanded ribs horizontally and vertically, and an exaggerated lower lumbar region. The hormones estrogen and Relaxin are working their magic, allowing your ligaments to stretch, to widen, and your pelvic floor to weaken.

Amidst all these incredible changes, it’s not uncommon to experience discomforts like lower back pain, sciatica, and tension in various areas such as your upper back, ribs, neck, and pubis symphysis. But fret not, because at The Happy Mama Place, my prenatal massage therapy is specifically designed to provide you with the relief and comfort you deserve during this transformative time.

    Hello, I’m Jessica Ann, and I’m thrilled to be your dedicated licensed massage therapist with over a decade of experience in specifically prenatal bodywork. Supporting expectant mothers like you is my true passion, which has driven me to achieve Professional Certification in prenatal massage, along with multiple certifications in Pelvic work, Mayo fascia, and Spinning Babies. Trust me when I say that the prenatal massage, I offer at The Happy Mama Place goes far beyond your typical spa massages!

    Over the course of my 20-year journey as a Licensed massage therapist and 10 years as a Certified Doula, I have carefully crafted a prenatal massage regime that brings together various modalities and techniques. This unique approach is a result of my extensive clinical and hands-on experience, where I have had the privilege of supporting over 200 birthing families.

    The modalities and techniques I use have been specifically chosen because they have proven to be highly effective in supporting the needs of a pregnant body. My goal is to provide you with a truly personalized and nurturing experience, catering to your individual requirements throughout your pregnancy journey.

    If you’re searching for more than just a standard massage, but a truly supportive and personalized prenatal massage, you’ve come to the right place. Here at The Happy Mama Place, I’m dedicated to providing you with a massage experience that dispels common myths and ensures your utmost safety and comfort throughout your entire pregnancy.

    Let's address those myths together:

    Myth #1

    You cannot receive a massage in your first trimester and in your third trimester. The truth is, prenatal massage can be safe and beneficial during all stages of pregnancy when performed by a skilled and experienced therapist like myself.

    Myth #2

    Many believe that massaging the abdomen during the first trimester can dislodge the placenta. However, the truth is that gentle abdominal massages can be safely enjoyed throughout pregnancy without any harm to you or your little one.

    Myth #3

    Some people say that massages should avoid the hands and feet during pregnancy due to potential swelling. While swelling is a common occurrence for some moms-to-be, gentle massages can actually help alleviate discomfort and reduce swelling.

    Myth #4

    It’s often thought that pregnant women should only lie on their left side. While left-side sleeping is beneficial for blood circulation, it’s important to note that it’s a preference, not a requirement. Finding a comfortable position that works for you is key.

    Safety is my top priority.

    The prenatal massage techniques and body work encompass evidence-based practices. For instance, I know that avoiding Swedish or deep tissue massage on your legs can prevent the release of blood clots, fibroids, or fluid retention, keeping you and your baby safe and healthy. While using manual lymphatic on your legs will release toxin and fluid.

    During our sessions, you can rest assured that I prioritize your modesty and comfort. With carefully arranged draping, I can work on your body while ensuring you feel at ease and relaxed throughout the massage.

    So, let’s embark on this beautiful journey together, where relaxation, comfort, and care await you. Your well-being is my ultimate goal, and I’m committed to providing you with a deeply supportive and nurturing prenatal massage experience.

    prenatal massage

    Prenatal Massage

    As your baby is growing, it is common for your body to move out of alignment causing lower back pain, sciatica issues, round ligament, pelvic pain, and even tightness in your upper back and neck leading to headaches. Prenatal massage therapy is a great resource to reduce these stressors. During your massage, you will be placed in a sideline position with tons of pillows placed strategically aligning your body to take weight off your pressure points creating more space in your pelvic region and increasing blood flow. This will help relieve stress, ease tight muscles and body discomforts, create more space for baby to move down, and get your body back to a more balanced state.

    My main focus will be on creating a nurturing space in your pelvic area and upper body to provide you with relief from any discomfort and stress you may be experiencing. Together, we’ll achieve this through strategic pillow alignment, gently easing pressure off your body’s stress points, and promoting increased blood flow for better overall balance.

    As we work together, you’ll feel the tension and stress melt away, leaving you feeling more relaxed, at ease, open and balanced. Not only will this provide immediate relief, but it also offers more room for your precious baby to move down comfortably in preparation for childbirth. It’s all about creating the best environment for you and your baby’s well-being.

    During our session, I’ll also share some valuable techniques with you. I’ll show you the easiest ways to turn from side to side, ensuring you’re as comfortable as possible throughout the massage. Additionally, I’ll guide you on proper positioning while laying down to open your hips and ensure your muscles are not overworked.

    These techniques will not only enhance the effectiveness of our prenatal massage but can also be applied at home to improve your overall comfort and get you a better night’s sleep. It’s all about empowering you with tools to support your well-being during this incredible journey.

    Pregnancy is an incredible journey, where challenges and discomforts can be all too common. But don’t worry, just because these aches and pains are common doesn’t mean you’re meant to endure them. Your body is telling you that it needs some care and attention, and your baby needs the ideal space to move into position.

    An ideal position for your baby isn’t just about being head down. It’s about ensuring they have the best possible space to grow and prepare for the beautiful moment of childbirth. If we don’t address these discomforts, they can manifest as prodromal labor and more challenging childbirth experiences in the later stages.

    That’s why my Prenatal Massage service is specially designed to alleviate these common discomforts that many expectant mothers face. From lower back pain and sciatica issues to round ligament problems and upper back and neck tightness leading to headaches, I am here to help you navigate through these physical changes with ease.

    I understand that your well-being is essential during this precious time. Your Prenatal Massage is tailored to cater to your unique needs, providing you with relief and comfort throughout your pregnancy journey.

    With specialized techniques, we’ll focus on addressing these discomforts and promoting a healthier, more enjoyable pregnancy experience for you. My goal is to ensure you feel your best and are better prepared for the beautiful moment of childbirth. Don’t let these common discomforts get in the way of your pregnancy bliss!

    As you begin your incredible pregnancy journey, I’ll be there every step of the way to make sure you feel comfortable and taken care of. During our sessions, you’ll be gently positioned on your side with cozy pillows strategically placed to improve blood flow and create more space for your growing baby in your pelvic area. This gentle approach not only relieves stress and soothes tight muscles, but also creates a nurturing environment for your little one to thrive.

    But that’s not all – prenatal massage offers a multitude of benefits that will enhance your overall well-being.

    1. Stress Reduction: Pregnancy can bring about a whirlwind of emotions and anxieties. Our prenatal massage is designed to melt away tension, providing a blissful escape from the daily stresses of pregnancy. Experience deep relaxation and a renewed sense of calm as our therapists expertly release built-up muscle tension.

    2. Relief from Pregnancy Discomforts: As your body undergoes remarkable changes, it’s not uncommon to experience discomfort, particularly in the back, hips, and legs. Our therapists will skillfully target these areas, using gentle strokes and specialized techniques to alleviate pregnancy-related aches and pains. Feel the weight lift off your shoulders as you find relief from sore muscles and joint stiffness.

    3. Improved Sleep Quality: Restful sleep is essential during pregnancy, yet it can often be elusive. Our prenatal massage promotes relaxation, helping to induce a deep state of tranquility. By reducing stress and easing physical discomforts, our massages create the ideal environment for a peaceful slumber, allowing you to awaken refreshed and re-energized.

    4. Reduced Swelling and Edema: Many expectant mothers experience swelling in their legs and feet due to increased fluid retention. Our massage techniques stimulate circulation, aiding in the reduction of swelling and edema. Feel lighter on your feet as our therapists gently alleviate fluid buildup, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.


    5. Boots immune system: is crucial for both you and your baby’s health, and prenatal massage can help you achieve just that. By improving muscle tone and flexibility, your body will be better equipped to handle the labor and delivery process, giving you the confidence, you need for the big day.

    So, whether you’re seeking relief from lower back pain, dealing with sciatica issues, or experiencing any other discomforts, I am here to offer my helping hands and ensure you feel your absolute best.

    I can’t wait to be a part of your pregnancy experience and provide you with the care, comfort, and support you need to embrace the wonders of motherhood fully the care and comfort you need to fully embrace this incredible time in your life.

    Book your personalized prenatal massage appointment today, and let’s make your experience as a mother even more special and memorable.

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