Navigate through the unknowns of pregnancy and birth with a Certified Doula by your side.

I am here to provide emotional and physical support to you and your partner.

HypnoBirthing is a tried and proven method that guides and prepares a woman in giving birth in a peaceful and extraordinarily beautiful manner.

As your baby is growing, it is common for your body to move out of alignment causing many issues like backaches, stiff neck, and more.

At 37 weeks, you are considered full-term. At this point, it is safe for you and your baby to receive an induction massage.

Ease your fears with a pair of guiding hands to help provide physical comfort and prepare your body for the empowering experience of giving birth.

The stress from childbirth and the time you spend caring for your newborn is hard on your body.

By consuming your placenta, you are putting back the nutrients and hormones you and your baby created during pregnancy.

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Growing your family is a huge transition into a new life.

Our hands-on, evidence-based approach will assure you that you’re not only being supported but feel confident and safe through the duration of your pregnancy into early motherhood. We offer a variety of services at The Happy Mama Place including: doula support for home or hospital births (now available either in person or via zoom), massage therapy for balance and pain reduction, as well as placenta encapsulation to encourage a more joyful post-partum.

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Prenatal Massage
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Induction Massage
from $115/hr
Postpartum Massage
from $115/hr
Placenta Encapsulation
from $325
Doula Support
from $1250
$450/5 sessions
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