Placenta Encapsulation


Placenta Encapsulation

Some people eat it, some people make pills from it, some bury it and plant a tree over the to, while others throw it in the bin. What many don’t know is that you can also make a homeopathic remedy out of the placenta and have it as a little constitutional back up for the rest of you and your baby’s life.

Having a homeopathic dose of placenta is like getting to the essence of it. While substances can be useful nutritionally (i.e. placenta encapsulation), having a homeopathic dose of placenta will go deeper, treating not only the physical realm, but also the emotional, spiritual and soul levels of a being.


Constitutional Remedy

You can use this as a constitutional remedy, giving a dose to your child whenever they become a bit run down and start to get sick. When they need a bit of help to come back to wholeness and health, to come back to source- that complete place of wholeness and nutrition that is our ultimate blueprint. Health is not just the absence of disease, it is wholeness-having all parts of us working together in harmony-not just the body, but the spirit and soul.

A dose of their own placenta can help boost the immune system, help them feel stage and protected once again and give them the strength to grow through whatever challenge or transition is occurring.

As a mother, you can take a dose of your placenta for the above reasons. It can also be used when there is exhaustion from over caring for others. It can help with the increase of your milk supply, contracting your uterus, and postpartum depression.

placenta encapsulation
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A Lost Art

Even though there is no scientific research displaying human benefits in regards to placenta consumption, our society since 1980’s has been reverting to this lost art. The belief is after a woman's delivery of the placenta her body will encounter issues; such as, iron deficiency causing you to lose a lot of blood during deliver and have problems with lactation, and hormonal imbalances which was once provided and regulated by the placenta is longer available. This disruption can lead to baby blues and postpartum depression; therefore, raising CRH (stress levels).

By consuming your placenta, you are putting back the nutrients and hormones you and your baby created during pregnancy. Bringing your body into harmony by aiding with postpartum bleeding, hormone regulation to help with baby bonding, postpartum depression, menopause, production of milk, and increase iron levels.


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Placenta Capsules

$ 325 /investment

Flexible payment plans are available

You will receive a placenta cooler kit for your hospital bag with all the necessary packing materials for your Placenta Specialist to pick up your placenta at your desired birthing location. 

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