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Saturday, August 19 (10am - 12pm) & (1230pm-230pm)

Breastfeeding: The Basics (and Beyond) of Feeding Your Baby

Breastfeeding Event
Hosted by Heather Whitcomb, CLC,
This breastfeeding class offers the option of joining us for the basics of breastfeeding from 10am-12pm to learn the importance of breastfeeding, steps for success, how breastfeeding works, starting off right & positions, when to feed baby, latching, stages of milk, is baby getting enough, and expressing milk. 

The after lunch portion of the class will build on the morning session topics and the following topics, latching challenges, supply challenges, clogged ducts, mastitis & thrush, tongue ties, hand expression and pumping, bottle feeding, formula, supplies for breastfeeding, self care, introducing solids and weaning.

You may choose to join us for just the morning session ($150) or both sessions ($275). Workbook is included.

You should wear comfortable clothes and feel free to bring a snack.  

Meet the Midwife Night - Free Entry

HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education - $450

HypnoBirthing is an evidenced-based childbirth education program that eliminates fears, myths, and misunderstandings surrounding birth, allowing the mom to birth with her assisting muscles rather than resisting them, to reduce, if not completely eliminate, pain from the birthing process. This is achieved through education, relaxation, breathing techniques, and visualization in order to guide your body and baby into the world.

Preparing for your Birthing Day - Free Entry

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby - Free Entry

Breastfeeding 101 - Free Entry

Meet the Doula Night - Free Entry

All About Massage Therapy - Free Entry


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