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Wednesday, March 22 (6-8pm)

Perinatal Mental Health: Supporting Moms Before & After Baby Arrives - Free Entry

Join our Guest Speakers from Lasting Wellness Center LLC, a small practice who dedicates offering mental health services to women.
By the end of the event you will be able to:

– Identify perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. (PMAD’s)

– Understand how common they are

– How they differ from Baby Blues

– What to do if you think you have it

Saturdays, April 1-April 22 (10am - 12pm)

Pathway to a Better Period - $225

Hosted by Lori A Radzinski, an Occupational Therapist, Certified Menstrual Cycle Coach, and women’s fitness instructor. Helping individuals have optimal health for a better life.
Learn to recognize the underlying imbalances causing you suffering and how to resolve them naturally.
Your Menstrual Cycle is a vital sign providing details regarding your health.

This 4-week session is intended to better connect individuals with their menstrual cycle.

  • Learn what a normal cycle looks like.
  • Natural techniques for managing PMS and period pain
  • Start learning and take control of your Menstrual Health.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who desires to take charge of their menstrual health.

Last Minute Childbirth Preparation Class - $195

This class is dedicated to last-minute preparations for your Birthing Day. The price reflected is for both Mom & Supportive Partner (2 persons) and includes an Induction Sample Kit.
Topics Covered Include:
  • Creating your Birth Vision
  • Practice Breathing & Relaxation Techniques
  • Teaching your Partner Comfort Measure Techniques
  • How-To open the 3 layers of your Pelvis to help baby navigate through the pelvis more efficiently during birth.
  • Answer any questions you may have pertaining to Childbirth

What's Going on Down There? - $125

This fun, informative, positive talk is geared toward girls 12-14 years old.

The goal is to share knowledge to make healthy choices about your body. Lori demonstrates the changes in hormones happening or soon-to-be happening and how it impacts the body in many ways. Such as mood, confidence, energy, appetite and health.

The reproductive system affects individuals for many decades. Come and learn not to be scared of what is to come.

In this class, girls will learn…

  • a brief anatomy lesson
  • how to be healthier every day of your cycle
  • how to track the menstrual cycle
  • how to overcome hormonal challenges

Each will receive…

  • complimentary trackers
  • Participate in fun hands-on activity to grasp concepts
    gift included

We do not discuss sexual content in the workshop.


Meet the Midwife Night - Free Entry

HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education - $450

HypnoBirthing is an evidenced-based childbirth education program that eliminates fears, myths, and misunderstandings surrounding birth, allowing the mom to birth with her assisting muscles rather than resisting them, to reduce, if not completely eliminate, pain from the birthing process. This is achieved through education, relaxation, breathing techniques, and visualization in order to guide your body and baby into the world.

Preparing for your Birthing Day - Free Entry

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby - Free Entry

Breastfeeding 101 - Free Entry

Meet the Doula Night - Free Entry

All About Massage Therapy - Free Entry


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