Labor Massage


Labor Massage

Ease your fears with a pair of guiding hands to help provide physical comfort and prepare your body for the empowering experience of giving birth. Labor massage focuses on increasing flexibility to the hips, pelvis and legs, allowing mom to labor comfortably in various positions without the restriction of joint stiffness or muscle soreness. During this massage, your massage therapist will apply manual lymphatic drainage on the legs to reducing swelling caused by the engaging fetus as well as utilize trigger point therapy and myofascial stretching to release tension in the hips, pelvis, abdomen, muscles in the lower back, lumbodorsal fascia, hip rotators, and pectoral girdle. Ease pain, tension, and worries during one of your most life-changing, challenging, yet beautiful experiences.

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$ 125 /starting

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Flexible Scheduling

I try to be as flexible as possible for all of our clients! Sometimes arrangements can be made for emergencies outside of regular business hours. I also always make sure we’re available for contact 24/7.

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