Postpartum Massage

The stress from childbirth and the time you spend caring for your newborn is hard on your body. Postpartum massage not only gives you the nurturing and emotional support you need to gain back your lost energy, but helps you return to your pre-baby state. Relieve muscle pain, tension, and stress and reduce the need for medication. Postpartum massage helps with: toning the belly, assisting in weight loss, aiding in complete placenta release, shrinking of the uterus, moving fluid and flushing toxins out of the body. Most importantly, postpartum massage supports healthy lactation, as well as, healing of cesarean scar, episiotomy soreness, and provides relief from anxiety and postpartum depression.

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    I try to be as flexible as possible for all of our clients! Sometimes arrangements can be made for emergencies outside of regular business hours. I also always make sure we’re available for contact 24/7.

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